Mining industry is one of the activities of greatest relevance in terms of Mexico’s economic development. 

Our team of engineers and technicians understand the uncertainty in the exploration and exploitation processes, as well as the collateral social demands generated by the impact on the environment, so it is essential to provide a reliable, safe service with a high degree of environmental responsibility. 

Lainco actively participates with engineering services for the exploration, exploitation and processing of minerals, as well as with the provision of specialized supplies necessary for the instrumentation, monitoring and control of the mining.

Tayoltita Gold and Silver Mine

Jales Dam
Tayoltita, Durango

In this project we collaborated with the geoscience and risk management area. Work consisted of drilling and installing piezometers at various depths in a highly unstable rock formation and in the dam itself.

Peñoles Laguna del Rey

Brine Extraction
Laguna del Rey, Coahuila

In this project, 56 extraction wells were drilled and installed at 20 meters deep in one of the most arid and inhospitable areas, working in extremely adverse conditions.

Peña Colorada

Iron Mine
Minatitlán and Manzanillo, Colima

In these projects we have participated in different stages with geotechcnical investigations and quality control laboratory.

Lagunas de San Marcos, Sayula y Cuitzeo

Mining Prospecting
Zacoalco de Torres and Sayula, Jalisco and Cuitzeo, Michoacán

Our participation in these projects included extensive drilling and sampling at numerous points in these lagoons, prospecting for minerals.

Cosalá Mine

Metalic Minerals
Cosalá, Sinaloa

Within this development, we participated with the quality control laboratory services for the conformation of the embankments alongside the geotechnical investigations for the construction of offices and machinery warehouse.