The global economic dynamism has favored the accelerated growth of the Aerospace/Automotive industry in the country over the last two decades, thus demanding the construction of new facilities that meet high quality standards and contribute to the operation, durability and safety of production plants, storage, distribution, as well as technological research and design centers. 

Lainco has a clear understanding of the demands of the Aerospace/Automotive sector, which has allowed us to participate in numerous projects and collaborate continuously with international engineering firms, gaining a high degree of knowledge in construction processes and adopting new ways of working that enrich our services delivery.

Saffran Landing Systems

Production Plant
Querétaro, Querétaro

Within this plant we have participated with drilling services and laboratory tests for geotechnical investigations, site supervision and quality control laboratory for the installation of new equipment.

Suzuki Garphyttan

Production Plant
San José Iturbide, Guanajuato 

In this project we carried out quality control services, reviewing the integrity of the foundation piles of the main building and also topography services.

Honda de México

Production Plant
El Salto, Jalisco

We participated in the construction of this plant with the geotechnical investigations.

Aldo Autopartes

Distribution Center
Zapopan, Jalisco

In this project we participated in the construction and subsequent extensions with the geotechnical investigations, design of floors and pavements, quality control laboratory and topographic surveys.

Hella Automotive México

Production Plant
Irapuato, Guanajuato and El Salto, Jalisco

In these projects we participated in the construction and subsequent expansion with the geotechnical investigations and design of floors and pavements.