Research and

The world is constantly evolving and for this reason the creation of research centers for technological development and innovation has become the trigger for the population’s social, cultural and economic progress. 

At Lainco we know the great challenges facing this market, which is why we provide engineering solutions for the design and construction of avant-garde spaces that facilitate user cooperation, creativity and innovation, under the clear understanding that their structural safety is essential.

Intel Grand Design Center

Research Center
Zapopan, Jalisco

During the project stage we supported the general contractor with geotechnical investigation and geophysics studies and we carried out subsoil sampling for a Phase II environmental investigation.  During the construction stage we participated with quality control laboratory and executed some geotechnical construction scopes.

Continental México

Research and Production Centers
Tlaquepaque y Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Jal. y Cuautla, Morelos

In these projects we carried out the geotechnical investigations. At the Tlaquepaque campus we also carried out quality control laboratory service during its construction.

HP Inc Guadalajara

Research and Development Center
Tlaquepaque, Jalisco

Since its construction, we have participated on this campus with the geotechnical investigations and ESA Phase I and II, the design of floors and pavements, the quality control laboratory, the construction of the water well, among other activities.

IBM Data Center

Technological Campus
El Salto, Jalisco

For the construction and subsequent expansions of this campus, we carried out the geotechnical investigations and floor and pavement design studies, as well as quality control laboratory and topographic surveying services. In the environmental area, we carried out ESA Phase II and the closure of a deep well.

CINVESTAV Guadalajara

Research Center Zapopan, Jalisco
In this complex we carried out the quality control laboratory service of materials and construction procedures during its construction.