We are a company with more than 52 years of experience providing support services for the construction industry and the environment in Mexico.

Lainco ingenieria


Founded in 1969 as a company of experienced engineers and technicians with the aim of providing services such as: geotechnical investigations, floor and pavement design, laboratory quality control and construction supervision. In 1989, environmental services were incorporated into our multiple activities, mainly related to the detection and quantification of contaminants in the subsoil and aquifer, as well as with the planning and execution of subsequent remediation programs. Given the high costs that had to be absorbed due to the importation of PVC pipes and accessories for monitoring wells, in 1993 the in-house manufacturing of some of these supplies began which benefited our customers, offering them better prices and more availability.

To date, we have added other services such as: topographic surveys, geophysics, geology and various types of engineering.

Lainco has participated in more than 6,500 projects all over Mexico, entering the industrial, commercial, housing, infrastructure and energy markets among others. Our services have extended as far as Central and South America. 

Our sense of institution and avant-garde vision have allowed us to form a portfolio of mostly multi-national clients who drive us to maintain a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

For us “Experience + Innovation” is meaningless unless it benefits the client. This way of thinking and acting has allowed us to successfully carry out each project and remain market leaders.


  • Full range of services that go from the conception, through the execution and to the completion of your project
  • Development of proposals with value engineering leading to the optimization of resources
  • Provision of services with national coverage
  • Highly trained workforce with the ability to react to unforeseen events, making decisions and appropriate adjustments to keep the project running.
  • Experience validated by having participated in more than 6,500 projects
  • Open and permanent two-way communication
  • Versatility in machinery and equipment
  • Environmental policy that contributes to the well-being of people’s health and the eco-system
  • Safety policy that minimizes risks of accidents to people, damage to the site and damages to third parties.
  • Alliances with consultants from multiple disciplines, national and foreign, which allow us to be up-to-date with cutting-edge knowledge and technologies.
  • Solid legal, administrative and technical structure
  • Administrative bonds and insurance provided upon request.
We will become your most trusted ally. Your complete satisfaction is our main objective.
Lainco Ingenieria



Our legal, administrative and technical structure has allowed for the creation of strategic alliances with different national and international firms which keep us in touch with the daily events in the world of construction and environmental issues. This then allows us to generate value engineering solutions that benefit our clients.

We are firm believers that unity makes strength.


Lainco, Alianzas y Aflliaciones