Construction Supervision

Construction supervision, the methodology used systematically coordinates and monitors all aspects of the execution of a project, with the aim to be fully compliant with the terms stipulated in a construction contract.

The activities we offer are:

  • Review of technical specifications and regulations applied to the project
  • Monitoring compliance with construction, environmental and safety and hygiene standards
  • Review of contractual and budget documentation of the project
  • Control and evaluation of contractors and suppliers
  • Quality monitoring in materials and construction processes
  • Monitoring compliance with the schedule of progress of work
  • Generation and presentation of progress reports
  • Management of construction log book 
  • Prevention, management and solution of conflicts that compromise the execution of the project

Some of the benefits of investing in construction supervision are:

  • Greater certainty of your investment
  • Economic savings generated by optimization of yields and times
  • Optimal control of construction procedures and quality of materials
  • Increase in the safety of people, equipment, general works and third-party assets
  • Documentary evidence of the construction process for credit management, insurance and as a sales tool, among others.