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Understanding the characteristics of the subsoil and its behavior is essential for correct decision-making prior to preparing an executive project.

Over time, projects become more ambitious and demand greater safety. Knowing the origin and behavior of the subsoil is essential to optimize the design of structures

The service conditions and useful life of pavements and industrial floors every day demand higher quality standards. An optimal design guarantees savings in construction and maintenance.

One way to protect the interests of the investor is to verify that the quality of materials and construction procedures comply with project specifications.

Generating reliable information about the location, dimensions and characteristics of a property, as well as keeping precise control of a construction, gives confidence and certainty to any project.

Taking care of our planet is everyone’s responsibility. Monitoring aquifers is one of the most important tasks to prevent risks to human health and damage to the environment.

The first step for a correct environmental characterization of the soil is to guarantee the representativeness and reliability of the sample.

Knowing the current use of a property is not always enough to rule out environmental liabilities. Reviewing your history and that of your environment is helpful in identifying potential sources of pollution.

 Environmental responsibility demands strict commitment from everyone. Detecting and quantifying the concentration of pollutants in the subsoil will help us take the necessary measures to mitigate their impact on the environment.

Local and international regulations require that the properties be free of environmental liabilities. Implementing timely remediation measures favors people’s health and the preservation of the environment. 


Products: Monitoring Well Pipes, Accessories and Consumables.

Leaders in manufacturing, importation and commercialization of PVC pipes, accessories and specialized consumables for the construction of environmental wells.


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